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Instructor Training Still a Big Deal

Posted on Thu, June 9,2016 @ 11:00 AM

As purveyors of class registration software, we can’t help but notice all the love self-paced e-learning is getting these days. According to a 2015 report, 28.5 % of corporate training hours were delivered online or via computer technology with no instructor involved. The percentage has increased steadily in recent years. However, instructor-led training (ILT)—online or face-to-face— still remains the big dog with around 50% of all corporate training, depending on the source. Self-paced learning will never entirely replace ILT. Or if it does, you will have long forgotten this article. Still, we believe ILT is here to stay for a
number of reasons, including these:

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Judging the Right Registration Software Fit

Posted on Tue, May 17,2016 @ 14:00 PM

Every university has a student information system, which is either custom built or an off-the-shelf
solution designed to address a range of needs. Though such systems are adept at handling processes like undergraduate class registration for the registrar’s office, they cannot always efficiently address unique needs that arise, often quickly, for individual departments or schools. Such needs demand a system that is a lot more agile than traditional student information software.

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Professional Development Is More Than Buzz Words

Posted on Tue, September 29,2015 @ 11:00 AM


How to allow more professionals to become more professional.

Fall is my favorite time of year, and as much as I would like for time to slow down a bit, the last quarter of the year seems to rush by faster than Lelisa Desisa, crossing the finish line of the 2015 Boston Marathon (overall winner with an official time of 2:09:17).  It is also an excellent time for companies to evaluate their learning and development training and program offerings. 

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