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5.5 Tips for Moving the Webinar Attendance Needle

Posted on Thu, September 17,2015 @ 13:52 PM

It may seem like ABC Signup is only in the software business. Like a lot of companies, however, we’re also in the training business. Via webinars, we train our users how to get the most out of ABC Signup for their unique requirements. We continue to help them, for example, as their needs change, they need refreshers, or new requirements arise.

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Taking a Program or Event ‘Virtual’

Posted on Mon, June 1,2015 @ 14:54 PM

Maybe your event or program is so popular that corporate wants to take it nationwide – but without cloning eight of you. Maybe you’re simply looking for a cheaper way to reach more people, more quickly with a more consistent message. Perhaps your targeted workforce or attendees are mobile, demanding some sort of off-site offering, but in several sites at once.

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How Do You Find the Right Webinar Service?

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 22:46 PM

As certain types of training migrate online, administrators must quickly put in place an Internet-based delivery system for their programs. The de facto mechanism for most external trainings is a webinar service – it’s typically scalable, interactive, easy to use and more than adequate from the participants’ perspective.

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