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Update: Mobile use and what it means for event and class registration

Posted on Thu, February 18,2016 @ 15:00 PM

mobile_photo_for_blog_article.jpgMobile use (smartphones, iPads, etc.) is steadily increasing. We wrote several months ago that mobile use is no fad. The most recent data backs this up. According to The NPD Group, a market research company, one in five of us bought or browsed for products or services using mobile devices late last year. The number is much higher among the 18 to 34 age group. ABC Signup’s experience is similar. Our most recent email newsletter was opened using a mobile device one of every four times.

Why this should matter to you
Class registration or event signup, even one that has no charge, is like a purchasing decision. Therefore, the way your registration forms and pages present themselves on both desktops and mobile devices is crucial. If those pages are not responsive—that is, if they don’t automatically re-size to fit the device’s screen—you’re making the registration process more challenging than necessary to a growing segment of your audience. The mobile experience requires seeing as much as possible on the screen at one time. It’s better to have information on one page that a person can quickly swipe through, rather than include lots of links to other pages. Multiple clicks don’t work as well for mobile users.

ABC Signup mobile design
ABC Signup online registration software is designed to allow you to create responsive pages that fit any device. You can easily build pages that re-size to a person’s Android, Apple, Google phone, iPad or other mobile device. Just like with traditional pages, you can add branding to match the look and feel of your web site. Responsive pages also display well on traditional desktops and laptops. Therefore, you don’t have to make a choice between pleasing one set of users over another. You’re simply making the user experience better for everyone.  

Google Analytics
googleanalytic.jpgIf you’re already an ABC Signup user, you can take advantage of free Google Analytics to track mobile use among your audience. You'll also learn how mobile use on your pages compares to national trends. When you set up an Analytics account, follow instructions provided in Google Analytics’ Help section to quickly segment mobile compared to all traffic. The Help section is in the upper right corner of Google Analytics behind the cog symbol. Search “Build segments.” You then would add a segment in reporting, and choose Mobile and Tablet Traffic as your segment. In ABC Signup, add the code Google Analytics generates in ABC Signup. In your account, go to Application > Account > Defaults.

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