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Using Youtube As a Training Tool

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 17:33 PM

On a macro level, Youtube delivers some of the best free entertainment the world has to offer.

It helped launch celebrities (Bieber, Gaga) and future tv commercial stars, and continues to offer a glimpse into the legacies of individuals no longer with us.

It can make you laugh, smile or even laugh, smile and cry. And, as many of us are discovering, it can help you teach – or learn.

A quick search of terms such as training or workshops or classes on Youtube produces thousands of video clips providing instruction on everything from exercise to parenting to some amazingly eggheaded topics like those taught at Khan’s Academy.

ABC Signup customers using our product as training or class registration software typically provide hands-on, on-location instruction involving materials and a presenter. A video loaded onto Youtube won’t readily act as a substitute for these types of programs, but it can be a nice supplement to such instruction, either as pre-course work, a post-event refresher, or something else.

The hardest part about it, really, is making the video.

If you have a software product demo or a PowerPoint presentation, you can click through it on your computer while narrating, tape the whole thing for free via GoToMeeting, and upload the file to Youtube (like this ABC Signup demonstration). You can use free programs such as Windows Live Movie Maker (or an Apple counterpart) to save the file in various formats or add cover “slides” or background music.

A cell phone or Flip video camera will do just fine if you are capturing a few minutes of an actual training session or a presenter brief to use as a refresher or promotion for a future event. Simply e-mail or transfer the file via a usb cord/connection to your computer and upload onto Youtube.

Or, you can record directly into Youtube using your computer’s webcam.

Those are just a few means of creating/uploading instructional videos. Uploading to Youtube is a simple, step-by-step process, but there are a couple of things to note.

First, decide whether your Youtube videos will be public (anyone can search it and see it), unlisted (anyone with the link to the video can view it) or private (only specific Youtube users can view it), and set your preferences accordingly. Your video might contain proprietary information, so public is not always the appropriate option.

Second, note that you can copy the actual code of your Youtube video and place it onto your website (you may need to involve IT or your webmaster). This is a great feature if – and this is a big if – the video doesn’t show up with Youtube ads on it, or doesn’t slow your website’s loading speed.

The latter will depend in large part on the actual size of the video. Some of you may have fairly large files that would be better served by an integrated file upload system. ABC Signup has integrated such a system into its software – contact us if that is something you might be interested in.

By no means are we experts on using Youtube to support or market your training/products, but we’ve gotten some mileage out of what is basically a free medium. If you want to know more about how to post videos to Youtube, a simple search will get you what you need to know. If you want to know more about ABC Signup and registration software, you should call (866.791.8268x0) or e-mail us.



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