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When to Prescribe Registration Software

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 19:27 PM

The well-being of certain events – things like landfill tours, parking garage ribbon cuttings or MENSA meetings for reality show performers – isn’t dependent upon registration software.

Other programs and events, however, thrive in part because of such software. We can name a bunch of them, but we’re in the business – a business that could use more people knowledgeable about its applications.

In the first of a series, this blog entry examines some of the types of programs that discover dramatic benefits from an online registration system. Ideally, these examples will help prospects make the connection of how registration management tools can bring efficiencies to a wide variety of such programs – including their own.

Our diagnosis is pretty straightforward. Registration software-driven offerings typically share a few commonalities, such as multiple or recurring events, a significant amount of registrants over the course of a year (e.g., 500 or more), online payment requirements, and the need for a database-driven system that allows administrators to automate certain communications (invitations, confirmations, invoices, etc.), generate any of a number of reports and output essentials such as nametags, attendance lists and certificates.

Registration software ultimately saves time for providers of these offerings – something this article will do now by cutting to the chase and examining specific areas where we prescribe registration software.

Professional Development
A company or organization that offers professional development programs as a means to inform and educate its employees makes a viable candidate for a registration system that offers e-mail marketing of the programs, online signup, automated e-mail communications, continuing education tracking and an array of reporting options.

Over the past decade, businesses, school districts, not-for-profits, post-secondary institutions and other organizations with significant-sized workforces and active professional development programs have made the transition to online registration systems.

Example: Ciena is one of several corporations whose professional development programs use ABC Signup to manage employee or constituent registrations, track participation, allow for evaluations and much more.

Possible side effects: Your program participants tell you how the look, feel and process of registering for professional development is more vibrant and more, well, “professional.”

Special Events
An annual company picnic, a fundraiser, a holiday dinner – any of a number of special events involving a threshold of participants too large to manage “manually” (think: faxes, phone calls, pay-by-check, etc.) – make excellent recipients of registration software.

Example: The University of North Carolina Botanical Gardens put ABC Signup to work managing registrations to its big fundraising gala event.

Possible side effects: Dramatic weight loss, as if someone just took 100 pounds off your back by automating so much of the registration process that you can focus on all of the others aspects of the special event.

Annual Meetings /Assemblies
Many organizations with annual meetings or annual assemblies typically expect a large number of participants, and rely on registration software to sign them up and take care of any related tasks such as meal selection, name tag generation, online payment, special sessions and more.

Example: A number of faith-based organizations use ABC Signup for just such events, including the Metropolitan Chicago Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, which relies on the system to efficiently handle registrations for the several hundred participants from throughout the region that attend its annual assembly.

Possible side effects: No more sore feet from standing for hours manning the registration counter to deal with hundreds of “walk-in” signups.

Continuing Education
Post-secondary institutions and school districts provide continuing education programs to help participants further develop specific skills or knowledge or teach participants new skills and subject matter. Administrators of such programs continue to turn to registration software to set up multiple events, facilitate registrations, communicate with registrants, accept online payment (where appropriate) and track and administer continuing education credits.

Example: The University of Detroit Mercy is one of several dental schools that use ABC Signup to help administer numerous continuing education courses and events they provide each year to their dental school graduates and practicing dentists.

Possible side effects: Improved mental health, as the system tracks and awards the appropriate credits and certifications to the appropriate program participants.

If you got this far, you just learned about four examples of registration-heavy programs or events that get a serious boost from registration software. Next week, we’ll highlight four additional uses, with more to follow. By the end of this series, we will have created a wiser audience – or fodder for another eBooklet.

As always, if you have questions about ABC Signup or whether online registration software is right for your program or event, please e-mail or call us (866.791.8268x0).



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