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Childcare and early-childhood training organizations use ABC Signup class registration software to manage online registrations for training programs and much more.

Case Study: Childcare Resources Inc.

The right tool for the job
For more than three decades, Child Care Resources, Inc. (CCRI) has supported Charlotte-area families by enhancing children’s early childhood and school-age learning services, building family-friendly workplaces and connecting the community to children. One way CCRI helps achieve this pursuit is by providing training opportunities for early childhood professionals. To do this well, CCRI requires a registration system that enables childcare professionals to easily sign up and pay for trainings.

All systems aren’t created equal
For a while, CCRI deployed two software solutions to address training event signups and the related record-keeping. This system was extremely slow and inadequate when it came to extracting reports and tracking payments. CCRI spent an inordinate amount of time and effort on the registration administration portion of their training offerings.

They went shopping for a new registration solution. After reviewing providers and speaking to customers, CCRI selected ABC Signup because of its broad functionality in data collection and reporting, and its effectiveness as a solution for other Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) organizations.

“We determined that the functions that ABC is able to serve met our data collection and reporting needs nicely,” said Susan Butler-Staub, CCRI’s professional development coordinator. “The ability to tailor reports was of particular interest to us.”

New system, new efficiencies
CCRI began to use ABC Signup to list training events on its website, collect online registrations and process and reconcile payments. The system’s processing speed was quick, and CCRI quickly embraced ABC Signup’s reporting options that tracked events, financials and registration data, going so far as to work with the company to create a complex, customized report that pulls additional data essential to the childcare agency’s reporting.

The system tracks information required for reporting to CCRI’s funders and enables the organization to keep better records for child care providers it serves. With ABC Signup, CCRI is able to replace certificates childcare providers need for work purposes, provide documentation about attendance at events, and track progress towards the goals of its many grants related to professional development.

“ABC Signup was able to fix all of the issues that we had with our previous software,” said David Mason, CCRI’s Training Registrar.

An ‘excellent choice’
With a little shopping, a demo and a referral or two, CCRI found a software solution that did what its old system couldn’t – a solution flexible enough to add features that made it even better suited for the organization’s needs.

“We are very happy with our experience with ABC Signup,” said Butler-Staub. “It is an excellent choice for setting up event registration for an organization and collecting registration data.”

ABC Signup has definitely met our needs and allowed us to offer our trainings at a cost our customers can afford…We did a lot of research, and there was nothing else out there anywhere close to this affordable that could do what we needed it to do.”

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