ABC Signup’s registration management system fits the government sector like a bill on Capitol Hill. Our complete solution offers everything vital to government sponsored programs and events: easy-to-duplicate events, limitless registration capacity, state-of-the-industry security, advanced reporting and more, and all at a competitive price. That’s helped us win bids and business at the state, local and federal levels.

Case Study: Illinois State Retirement System

Finding Efficiencies
The Illinois State Retirement System offers workshops for state employees and retirees, informing them what they need to do pre- and post-retirement. Prior to partnering with ABC, ISRS used an internal system that involved some paper forms and a lot of data input.

Employees or their supervisors or liaisons would complete the training request forms, administrators with the ISRS would enter that data into their system, and trainings would be scheduled. Participation would be monitored and reported manually.

Internet Ubiquity = A Better Way
With Internet access pervasive, the ISRS shopped for a better process to manage registrations around its workshops. They researched various online options, and chose ABC Signup. Today, employees sign up online and then need approval from their agency thru ABC Signup. Once they are approved, they are automatically scheduled. They receive confirmation emails via ABC Signup, and their participation can be recorded for accurate reporting.

After one-year with ABC Signup, the ISRS registration process is more simple and efficient.

“So far, so very good,” said ISRS’s David Bain. “A lot of our liaisons like it because it requires less paperwork on their end as well. Everything seems to be running well and our users find it very easy. We don’t have any complaints.”

Checks and Balances
Since employees are allowed to attend the workshops on paid time, it is essential for the ISRS to ensure that participation is monitored for accuracy and required levels. Having ABC Signup’s easy-to-access registrant database allows ISRS to keep track of such information. Bain believes these types of accountability features likely make ABC Signup more attractive to government entities.

“The reporting/auditing kind of scenario is really important to us, and I think it might be to most government agencies,” he said.

Serving its Constituents
The ISRS is looking to expand its use of reporting tools and exploring other means to take advantage of ABC Signup’s many features, according to Bain.

“We’re very pleased with where we are, and where we are headed,” he said.

Partial Customer List:
California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission • California Department of Education • Franklin County Department of Public Safety • Illinois State Retirement System • Texas Department of Family Protection Services • U.S. Department of Labor

"The reporting and auditing kind of scenario is really important to us, and I think it might be to most government agencies."

Illinois State Retirement System