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ABC Signup's April 2017 Newsletter

Posted on Tue, April 25,2017 @ 11:50 AM

Single Sign-on via Remote Authentication
Many organizations employ single sign-on methods to make it easier for their employees and others to log in. Single sign-on 18221731_s.jpgallows a person to use the same credentials to access various software applications from the same entry point. Several terms are used when referring to single sign-on, such as LDAP, active directory, and remote authentication. ABC Signup employs remote authentication, which is a specific type of single sign-on.

Each time a person accesses a connected application, their credentials are validated by a single application.  For example, an organization may use the same login point for both its learning management system and its class registration system.

Working with IT staff on your end, ABC Signup can redirect registrants to secure, remote web pages hosted on your website. When a registrant selects an event and chooses to register, the registrant is automatically redirected to a specified web page. Once validated, the registrant is quickly redirected back to a secure page on ABC Signup’s website. Registrant information is passed back to ABC Signup via a secure HTTPS post that is configured within ABC Signup’s administration tool.

When student information in the customer database is updated, it can also be updated in ABC Signup each time the student logs in. If a new employee logs in, they will be added to the ABC Signup database as well.

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Insider tips
If you have a lot of events with Past Events status, consider archiving them. Archiving is a way to organize and store Past Events, then easily access them later. We recommend you 57225954_s.jpgset a time, like quarterly, to Archive events. Or perhaps when you change your clocks twice a year, change your smoke detector batteries--and Archive your events.

By archiving, you will have fewer events to sort through. They are nicely organized by year, easily accessed, and performance load of event list results will improve. You may think archiving means makes it inconvenient to get to the events, and perhaps the events are compressed or zipped up. Actually, it is like storing your sweaters in a box in the attic. When you retrieve them, they are easily accessed, and just the way they left them. No moths either.

We also advise purging events you no longer need to diminish your security footprint. 

You will find the archiving and purging functions in ABC Signup under Application > Advanced > Event Maintenance.

And a special bonus tip: Spice up the registration form link Reg_Button.jpgon your class description/event page by using the registration button. There's a special tag
for that on the event page tag list called [RegistrationButton].

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