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Posted on Thu, January 7,2016 @ 10:10 AM

December 2015

Let it Scroll, Let it Scroll

Just about everyone except a 98-year-old great grandfather in Albuquerque will do some online shopping this holiday season. Reuters quotes Adobe, which tracks this sort of thing, as estimating $11 billion was spent online between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday. That’s a 15 percent increase from 2014; mobile devices (iPads, smartphones, etc.) drove 28% of online sales. That’s a big increase, too, and it jibes with ABC Signup’s experience: 28% of those reading this newsletter will first open it via a mobile device.


It doesn’t take a nonagenarian in New Mexicoto see where this is headed.

If you’re an education or training professional, what does this trend mean for you?

Online shopping habits are a good indication of general web trends, which means all of us should be paying attention. As more Americans conduct transactions (purchases, registrations, et al) via mobile devices, they expect a certain kind of user experience that’s different from a desktop or laptop. It’s not just the importance of responsive design, which means pages dynamically resize to a person’s device. It also means less clicking and more scrolling.

Think about it:

Facebook = scrolling

Instagram = scrolling = scrolling

Never has so much attention been given to a scroll since the last Dead Sea Scroll was discovered in a cave 60 years ago. But why are so many websites designed for scrolling instead of clicking?

One reason: “(S)crolling is a continuation; clicking is a decision.” 

Scrolling is easier than clicking on a mobile device. And you want to make signing up for your classes and trainings as easy as possible.

When you set up an information page, does it require a lot of clicking to find details, or can the registrant easily scroll through the necessary information?

How concise is your info?

How graphically pleasing is it?

When someone is ready to click on your "register now" button, where is it located? Have you made the button accessible in multiple spots on the page?

That’s not to say you should never provide links to click. But the more your audience can see by scrolling, the better their mobile experience. The experience for desktop users doesn't suffer either.

ABC Signup’s registration management software has never been big on lots of pages to click. We all like to see what we’re getting into. That means one-page class descriptons and one-page registration forms whenever possible.

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Join us for ABC Signup’s next New User Training, scheduled Tuesday, December 15, 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. EST online via GoToMeeting and conference call. We will take your questions and review the basics of the system including:

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No Comment? No Way.
If you use the Registrant Access Module, you can add comments for registrants to see via their DB record. Later, you can check to see if they've viewed the comment. You'll know when a person has viewed their comments, because it will tell you on the administrative view of their DB record. You also can add comments directly within an event by clicking the 'Notes' icon on a person's registration.



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