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ABC Signup's February 2017 Newsletter

Posted on Fri, February 3,2017 @ 10:57 AM

Problem Solvers at Your Disposal
Long ago in the infancy of the 21st century, JTC Technologies, the company behind ABC Signup, formed to provide a different type of software. It had nothing to do with online registration. It was only when an education organization in Indiana asked us to build a registration platform for their professional development workshops that ABC Signup came into being. It’s a good thing we listened to what became our first ABC Signup customer. Our focus changed to this newfangled registration software, and we haven’t looked back.

As we often say, however, we want to stay attuned to your needs. If you think hmmm, I sure wish there was a better way to… and it’s not exactly related to registration management, talk to us anyway. ABC Signup isn't going anywhere, but we would love to hear more about other challenges you have. And even if it’s not something we can tackle, we might have some suggestions for you. After all, ABC Signup wouldn’t exist today if we hadn’t listened to an education organization long, long ago.

February User Training Scheduled
New-user training coffeecup.jpgthat gives a high-level overview of ABC Signup costs zip, nada, a big goose egg.  If you're new to the software or just need a refresher, check out upcoming opportunities here. The next live training is February 21.

If you cannot squeeze a live training into your schedule, ABC Signup also offers recorded training Available topics include creating discounts, responsive page themes, conditional and linked questions, and account overview/event setup.

For a reasonable fee, we can also arrange custom training. 

New Features Galore
ABC Signup's developers have been busily cranking out updates to the software. If you're a customer, check out "What's New" in your account for changes and additions:

  • Custom Message Filter
  • Certificate Rule Filter
  • Flex Field Tags
  • Calendar Cancel Tag
  • Text Editor Font Sizes

Logging Recent Blogging

VR.jpgRecent blog posts here and here reviewed basic payment processing terms worth knowing. Another post pondered the future of virtual reality in training and education.

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