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Posted on Wed, July 15,2015 @ 15:43 PM

July 2015

Essential Questions to Evaluate Online Payment Processorsonline_shopping_cart_w_-1
You’ve decided to launch online payment processing for your organization, or maybe you’re not satisfied with your current provider and want to research alternatives.

Either way, when it comes to evaluating an online payment processor, your choice should offer the best combination of experience, service and value. There are over 5,000 payment processors in the U.S, so to help make your research go faster, start with these key questions:

Is there a difference in the type of payments that providers process?
Yes. Providers can process a variety of payment types, including retail purchases, service purchases, memberships, donations, event registrations, tuition and more. Make sure they process all the items your organization needs.

Are there niche providers?
Yes. Some work with particular groups like doctors’ offices, schools or churches, while others service a particular geographic area. Some may process payments for retail stores, contributions to nonprofit organizations, or donations to museums. That only begins to scratch the surface – however you choose to segment the market, there’s likely a payment processor servicing that niche.

Is there a wide diversity in online payment features?
At minimum, ask if the provider’s online capabilities include the ability to:

  • Accept one-time and recurring payments?
  • Accept payments by credit card, debit card and eCheck?
  • Deposit funds into different accounts—or even into different financial institutions?
  • Generate easy-to-post payment files and easy-to-read reports?
  • Offer the option to quickly change the message, funds, graphic scheme and more at no charge?

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Events, Attendees Increase for ABC Signup Customers, Per Survey
For the fifth consecutive year, ABC Signup’s registration software customers saw gains in the number of events they offered and attendance at those events, according to the company’s annual survey, conducted each year in June.

hand_checking_smiley_face_cropped-1The 2015 study showed increases in survey participants’ events offered (43% of respondents said they offered “more” or “significantly more” programs, 51% said “about the same”) and in the attendance at those events (37% more/significantly more, 51% about the same). Those numbers represented similar year-over-year increases reported in the identical survey queries in 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011.

Optimism for business trends going forward was on the upswing, as a majority of respondents expect to offer even more programs and events in 2016 (46% expect to provide “more” or “significantly more” while 54% expect to offer “about the same”). These outlook results compared similarly to the positive expectations from the four prior surveys: 2014 (46% expect to offer more programs), 2013 (34%), 2012 (47%) and 2011 (32%).

“It’s very important for a business-to-business company such as ours to have strong partners, and in each of our five annual surveys our customers reported higher business levels from the year prior,” said Todd Chandler, president of ABC Signup. “Equally gratifying is the fact that their expectations are up for 2016. Our success is predicated in part by partnering with healthy organizations and helping them meet their expectations, and in 2016, that equates to managing additional programs and events.”

Read the article in its entirety – and see who won our survey drawing – here.

Next New User Training: July 27
If you are new to ABC Signup or just an extremely rusty user, join us Monday, July 27, 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. for our next monthly new user training. The session, conducted live online via webinar and conference call, covers the software basics – such as setting up your events, building event pages and forms, maintaining calendars and listings and managing reports – plus any questions you might have. The cost is $75 and we welcome you to squeeze as many users/administrators as you can into the session and there is no additional charge for multiple people sitting in on the same conference call viewing the same computer session. For more information and to access the registration link, click here.

Putting Clicks on the Endangered List: Mark Attendance and Send Evaluations Automatically 
Two new settings under Event Setup trigger the system to 1) mark a registrant as attended as soon their registration is confirmed and 2) email an evaluation form as soon as a person is marked as attended. If both settings are activated, a person would be emailed a survey as soon as they are confirmed. You can set this up at Event > Event Setup > Advanced.

Who Wouldn’t Do This to Get Their Certificate?
We don’t always know what to do with them, but most of us appreciate certificates. They are a symbol of accomplishment, a letter-sized badge of honor for say, completing a training course. Here’s a tip: leverage them to make participants complete your evaluations. Instead of printing them and handing them out at the end of the program or event, tell participants you will email their certificates once they’ve completed their course evaluations. If this seems a little diabolical, don’t look at us – we are pretty sure this tip came from a customer. Once you've created your certificate, you can set this up here: Event > Event Control Panel > Reports > Forms > Custom Certificates/Letters > Certificate Rules (then choose "registrants meeting the following criteria" under "Issue to" and check the box marked "all registrants that have completed evaluations").

This Blog is Your Blog
At the top of this newsletter, you will notice a guest blog as our lead article. That could be you. Seriously. This blog would be even more awesome if it continued to share the thoughts of practitioners and partners. So, we again cordially invite you to send your thoughts our way.

buybuildcranelaptopMeanwhile, here are the scintillating blog posts we’ve conjured up since our June newsletter.

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