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ABC Signup's June 2015 newsletter

Posted on Mon, June 15,2015 @ 15:35 PM

June 2015


Take Our Survey, Please
New certificate and evaluation options, “how to” video tutorials and new event page design templates share something in common: each are examples of new features and improvements made to ABC Signup based directly or in part on customer feedback attained in our annual survey.

Improvements or new functionality aren’t the only potential benefit of your participation in our survey. Your ideas might spur altogether new products to better meet your needs, and a handful of lucky participants will receive a somewhat famous and always delicious Derby Pie® – not a bad reward for a couple minutes of your time.

Our survey itself has been tweaked slightly over the years, including this year’s request to be specific when writing in your suggestions for improvements (e.g., more detailed than “better reports”). We use the survey to complement everyday customer input, and though we can’t guarantee that we will or can accommodate everything, we will try, and we vow to do a better job giving you updates along the way.

Some of what we do will appear in the What’s New section of ABC Signup. Since we started this survey in 2011, we’ve averaged more than 20 additions annually to that new features section, many of which are in response to the needs and trends you’ve helped identify (including a major upgrade coming soon).

Let’s keep the conversation flowing. Help us identify changes in your marketplace and things we can do with our software to help you keep pace. Because your time and input mean a lot to us, we will assess and report back on the survey and your suggestions. Please click the link below and complete the survey for your chance to win a pie and improve your software.

Please take our survey today. Thanks!

Next New User Training: Tuesday, June 23
If you are new to ABC Signup or a bit rusty with the software, please join us Tuesday, June 23, 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., for our next monthly New User Training. The session, conducted online via GoToMeeting and conference call, will cover the basics of the system including:

  • Administrative Setup
  • Event Setup and Management
  • Event Page
  • Registration Form Questions
  • Calendar/Event Listing Maintenance
  • Report Options

We will also answer your questions related to ABC and offer any needed guidance on your current event. Cost is $75 and includes as many people as you can squeeze in front of a single computer session (which can be a lot if you have a big conference room). To sign up, go to this link and click “register.”

Get Your Event Links Here! 
Good news everyone – event links are now available in the Summary Report. If you need a report that lists the titles of your events plus their unique "urls" (webpage addresses/links), this day is one you will not soon forget. Go to Administration > System Reports > Registration Reports > Event Summary Report – Custom, click the boxes for “event title” and “event url” then hit the “generate report” button and you’ll get a pretty screen showing your events and their corresponding urls. 

Don’t Set Your Password to Autofill at Login
Ah, the simplicity of having that username and password on autofill. It seems like a time-saver and some of us do it all the time, even with our online banking. That doesn’t make us very wise in the way of the worldwide web. You will absolutely enhance the security of your online data – including your ABC Signup data – if your login screen requires you to manually enter your password. If your password is indeed "autofilling," at some time you told your browser to remember it for you. To undo, go in your browser settings/options/tools and find the section for managing password autofill and turn it off for better data security.

As Social as a Kitten
Four years and we lost count of how many articles later, we can report with confidence that none of our blogs have broken the Internet. Apparently, we maintain an acceptable ratio of informative articles to cat photos. Our latest entries mostly follow that formula:


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