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ABC Signup's June 2016 Newsletter

Posted on Fri, June 24,2016 @ 15:22 PM

June 2016

ABC Signup's new hosting provider: what it will mean for you.

The uninterrupted availability of the ABC Signup online registration management system, plus the security of your data, is always at the forefront of everything we do. We plan to migrate the software to a CloudSun.jpgnew host provider on Sunday, July 24th so that we can take advantage of even more security
features. You may not notice this change at all. In some cases, however, this will affect integration points such as your payment gateway. Please read this document to ensure this changeover goes smoothly for your account. As always, contact if you have questions.

Free Training
New-user training at ABC Signup is free. If you're new to the software or just need a refresher,
check out upcoming opportunities here

If the live trainings don't fit your schedule, ABC Signup also offers recorded trainings. Available topics include creating discounts, responsive page themes, conditional and linked questions, and account overview/event setup. More topics are coming.

Old-School Sign-in Sheets Go New-School
Though you can mark attendance in ABC Signup using any mobile device, who doesn't occasionally like a printed version? You can configure your own in Event > Reports > Forms using a drag-and-drop feature to add and manipulate data collected during registration.

Social Media
Below is one of our recent Facebook posts. Follow us there, pus Twitter or LinkedIn (See the linked logos at the bottom of the newsletter.). We're not on Pinterest because we don't have any good ideas for turning plastic milk jugs into lawn art.