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ABC Signup's August 2017 Newsletter

Posted on Tue, August 22,2017 @ 10:31 AM

ABC Signup (the name) to ride off into the sunset

Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC; Confinity changed its name to PayPal; Lucky - GoldStar became LG Electronics; and we will soon kick the name ABC Signup to the curb in favor of Learning Stream.


We will still be the same company providing the same service, and you’ll navigate and work in your account the same as always (although we're always looking at ways to make that even easier). But we believe it’s time our name reflected what the software truly is: registration management rather than just a basic online registration tool.

Every ABC Signup user interacts with the software in different ways, but all need something basic online registrations tools can't address. Registration management can mean handling complex pricing and registration scenarios, shopping cart functionality, continuing education tracking and reporting, issuing certificates, sharing data with other software platforms, single sign-on/remote authentication, video content delivery, and efficiently handling multiple programs (classes, workshops, etc.) that occur often and sometimes simultaneously.

Our goal has always been to streamline the connection between you and your learners and other participants, so you can worry less about registration and more about results. We believe the name Learning Stream best reflects that. We also believe the new name will give us more flexibility in expanding our services to meet your evolving and unique challenges before, during, and after the registration process.

We don't expect or intend the name change to be a big disruption for you, and we'll make sure it isn't. We still have a lot of heavy lifting to do before the change. Just getting used to saying "Learning Stream" when we answer the phone will be a challenge for awhile. But we expect to the official switch to Learning Stream to occur sometime after the temperature drops later this year. Meanwhile, we'll be sure to keep you informed as we get closer.

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