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ABC Signup's September 2015 newsletter

Posted on Thu, September 10,2015 @ 13:44 PM

September 2015

Major Updates Coming to ABC Signup
New and improved navigation, a more device-friendly interface and a new theme editor that allows users to create pages and forms in responsive format highlight the new features of ABC Signup’s major software update, coming soon to desktops and devices near you.

The changes upgrade the admin site’s navigation and make the software easier to use on a variety of devices and screen sizes. The new theme editor adds a number of tools such as a “mouseover-an-image” (e.g., a logo) color picker and side-by-side editing and preview screens, and it can generate calendar listings, event pages and registration forms in responsive (adjusts to any device) format.

“Customers asked for an easier-to-navigate platform, and this update better organizes and presents the various tools of our feature-rich software,” said Todd Chandler, president of ABC Signup. “And we know that our customers’ customers want to access event and registration information anywhere, any time on any device, so we’re excited to offer responsive design capabilities into our theme editor.”

two_barefoot_kids_on_computers.pngThe updates are expected to be rolled out later this year, after additional testing and development. Customers interested in trying out the new and improved version in a “sandbox” environment (not “live”) are encouraged to contact ABC Signup by email or phone (866.891.7268 ext. 0). Feedback could lead to additional enhancements.

Customers should watch their admin site, this newsletter and ABC Signup’s website and social media for additional information on the expected launch date and corresponding free webinars scheduled to showcase the updates and make using the new interface and features as simple as possible.

New User Training Scheduled September 22
Join us for ABC Signup’s next New User Training, scheduled Tuesday, September 22, 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. online via GoToMeeting and conference call. We will take your questions and review the basics of the system including:

  • Administrative Setup
  • Event Setup and Management
  • Event Page
  • Registration Form Questions
  • Calendar/Event Listing Maintenance
  • Report Options

Cost is $75 per computer session (as many people as you want in a single viewing). For more information or to register, click here.

Pay Attention to Attendance
A new report allows you to perform a simple check to see if attendance has been marked for an individual day. If one person has been marked as attended in an event with 1,000 registrations, the system assumes attendance has been marked for all participants. You can enable the function at: Administration > System Reports > Registration Reports.

Assign, Track Resources with ABC Signup
Of all the tools within ABC Signup, one that’s sometimes overlooked is ironically labeled with a toolbox icon – Resources. This feature provides a basic resources assignment (and tracking) tool to help organizations efficiently manage the use of equipment, rooms and even instructors.

You can turn on the feature at Event Setup > Advanced Tab by checking the Resources Module box in the “Modules/Functionality” section. You input your available resources by going to Setup & Utilities > Advanced Tab, clicking Resources and adding whatever items you want to assign, from projectors to classrooms to individuals. Using it is as simple as going to your Event Control Panel, clicking the Resources icon and scheduling the Resources you added in Setup & Utilities.

More information is available in ABC Signup’s Help section, but always feel free to call (866.791.8268 ext. 0) or email us for more information.

More Muscle on the Job
Do you know what Susie in Customer Service, Jordan in Programming and Tina in Administration have in common? They are all new to ABC Signup!

Now we have even more expertise building a better product and taking care of our customers’ needs. Not to mention more fodder for our silly videos, crazy costumers and assorted office hijinks.

Gone to the Blogs
Is mobile as ubiquitous as it seems? And what’s the point of stand-up desks?

people using mobile devicesNo doubt you’ve pondered those questions in the past 15 seconds, and we have answers. Check out our latest blog posts for the details.

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