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ABC Signup's February 2016 Newsletter

Posted on Thu, February 4,2016 @ 10:22 AM

Emails: How Many is too Many? 

inbox1.jpgStrong communications can help increase class attendance. That places confirmations, reminders and follow-up emails among the most important elements in registration management. Emails remainthe best way to communicate. They can include all essential details, plus attachments, and are more likely than text messages to be saved for future reference. You can also add a little pizzazz with graphics and links to other information. But how many should you plan so you don’t find yourself sending an email apologizing for sending too many emails? Only you can answer that based on your event variables, but three types of emails are consistently important:

  1. The original confirmation email—the one registrantsreceive as soon as they sign up—should contain all necessary information, including times, locations, and contact information. It should give them the chance to add the date and time to their personal calendar. It should also include an option for cancelling the registration up to a certain number of days before the class.
  2. Schedule at least one follow-up message shortly before the event. “Shortly” depends on when most participants sign up. If they register months in advance, don’t wait until the day before to send this second communication. A simple, “Hey, we’re looking forward to seeing you,” won’t cut it. This email should again contain key information included in the original confirmation, plus any new information not available earlier.
  3. Send a second follow-up if you need to clear up any last minute details that weren’t previously nailed down. Also, segment your reminders as much as possible so you’re sending separate emails based on groupings. This allows you to further customize your communication based on criteria such as breakout sessions or continuing education requirements. No one has to receive a message containing information not pertinent to them.

Here are a few tips on how to write a good reminder email.

If the final email includes all essential information, including any attachments, attendees can quickly find what they need to know near the top of their email list. They won’t have to scroll all the way to the original confirmation email.

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