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ABC Signup October 2017 Newsletter

Posted on Mon, October 30,2017 @ 16:32 PM


The importance of visual accessibility 

Most of us, including the crack journalists behind this publication, could do a better job of making our web pages and forms more visually accessible to students, trainees, employees, campers, customers, or anyone else who might need to sign up for something somewhere. It’s essential to make information within the registration software as comprehensible as possible to those with vision challenges. Otherwise, the process becomes unnecessarily difficult for a small but significant chunk of people.

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ABC Signup's September 2017 Newsletter

Posted on Wed, September 20,2017 @ 13:17 PM

ABC Signup introduces a native app
Many programs are still required by governing agencies to have attendees sign in the old fashioned way when they come to class. We have some good options for that, including configurable sign-in templates. But if you are free to mark attendance digitally, ABC Signup has introduced a native app (designed specifically to work with ABC Signup) that allows you scan in participants with your smart phone.

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ABC Signup's August 2017 Newsletter

Posted on Tue, August 22,2017 @ 10:31 AM

ABC Signup (the name) to ride off into the sunset

Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC; Confinity changed its name to PayPal; Lucky - GoldStar became LG Electronics; and we will soon kick the name ABC Signup to the curb in favor of Learning Stream.

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ABC Signup's June 2017 Newsletter

Posted on Wed, June 28,2017 @ 9:32 AM

Now Offering Two-Factor Authentication for Administrators

The cost of cybercrime is now in the trillions of dollars a year, and most everyone with a web connection has been victimized by hacking directly or indirectly. ABC Signup prohibits the storing of credit card information or highly-sensitive data like social security numbers from being collected in the software. Even so, we remain hyper-vigilant in protecting our users’ data. That’s why we are now providing customers the option of two-factor authentication (2FA) for administrators, which adds another level of security to the administrative login process.

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