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ABC Signup's June 2015 newsletter

Posted on Mon, June 15,2015 @ 15:35 PM

June 2015

Take Our Survey, Please
New certificate and evaluation options, “how to” video tutorials and new event page design templates share something in common: each are examples of new features and improvements made to ABC Signup based directly or in part on customer feedback attained in our annual survey.

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ABC Signup's May 2015 newsletter

Posted on Fri, May 15,2015 @ 15:30 PM

May 2015

5 Easy Ways to Measure Event Success
For just about anyone with a job and some accountability, there exist some measurement parameters to gauge how they are doing and push them to achieve more.

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ABC Signup's April 2015 newsletter

Posted on Wed, April 15,2015 @ 15:18 PM

April 2015

Taking a Program or Event ‘Virtual’
Maybe your event or program is so popular that corporate wants to take it nationwide – but without cloning eight of you. Maybe you’re simply looking for a cheaper way to reach more people, more quickly with a more consistent message. Perhaps your targeted workforce or attendees are mobile, demanding some sort of off-site offering, but in several sites at once.

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