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Customer Event Registrations, Attendance on the Uptrend, per ABC Signup Survey

Posted on Jul 2, 2015 12:23:11 PM

Louisville, KY (July 10, 2013) – ABC Signup customers remain optimistic about the business trends of their programs and events, and the company’s registration software continues to save these clients significant time in administering their offerings. Those are two of the key findings from ABC Signup’s third annual survey of its customers, conducted each year in June.

The 2013 survey showed increases in both the customers’ number of events offered (50% of respondents said they offered “more” or “significantly more” programs, 48% said “about the same”) and attendance at those events (50% more/significantly more, 41% about the same). Those numbers, in turn, represented an uptick from the survey results for the identical queries in 2012 and 2011.

Time savings again garnered high marks from survey participants, as 91% cited “significantly more” or “more” time savings in 2013, compared to 86% in 2012 and 90% in 2011. The number of participants estimating their cumulative time savings on event administration since using ABC Signup at 50% or greater was 44% in 2013, 46% in 2012 and 42% in 2011.

“We are encouraged by the indications that our customers seem to be growing their programs and events, and making time to do so with the help of ABC Signup,” said Todd Chandler, the company’s president. “The combination of their ongoing success and the tangible benefits of our software lead to an outstanding customer retention rate for our company.”

Customers participating in the survey also skewed on the positive side in their outlook for 2014. While 63% of this year’s survey respondents expect to offer a similar amount of programs and events in the coming year, 34% anticipate an increase in offerings while only 3% expect a decline.

The top benefits of ABC Signup, per the survey results, remained relatively unchanged this year. Customers rated the top three administrative features as registrant data entry, automated communications to registrants, and easy access to reports. They rated the top three features from the registrants’ perspective as 24/7 access to register online, automated communications, and online payment.

A slight tweak to this year’s survey made it easier for customers to write in specific suggestions to improve ABC Signup’s registration software. In the past, feedback in this section of the survey has prompted the development of new features and improved functionality.

“We aren’t shy about mentioning how our customers, over the years, have played an essential role in the evolution of our software,” said Chandler. “As the end user, they know best what tools they need to be as efficient as possible in managing the registration process. Their suggestions and ideas allow us to build and fine tune those tools, making our software a better product than the one they originally bought, and making it even more attractive to new customers.”

“Naturally, we encourage this kind of feedback year-around and even schedule periodic reviews with our customers, but it’s great to have a vehicle like our annual survey to get a broad mid-year report on how things are going and at the same time get plenty of ideas to pursue going forward.”

About ABC Signup 
ABC Signup is a web-based software solution that simplifies registration management for classes, meetings, training courses, conferences and other types of events. Clients include various universities and school districts, churches, cooking schools, hospitals and a wide variety of organizations such as ADP, Activision, Konica-Minolta, Principal Financial. Protective Life, Target and the U.S. Department of Labor. To date, ABC Signup’s registration software has helped hundreds of clients across 40 states and Canada conduct tens of thousands of events each year responsible for three million registrations and counting.