Professional Continuing Education

More dental schools across the country use ABC Signup to automate much of the class registration process for continuing education programs, alumni functions and other events.

Case Study: University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry

'By hand' can be a handful
As registration stories go, the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry’s probably sounds somewhat familiar to many ABC Signup customers.

Each year, the school offers 40 to 50 continuing education courses and events to dental school graduates and practicing dentists. Up until 2007, however, the registration and administration of these courses was done mostly “by hand,” according to Treena Guy, UDMSD’s continuing education manager.

“By hand,” in this case, meant taking reservations by phone, fax and mail; manually inputting registrant data; individually processing credit card payments; receiving and depositing checks; and trying to track all of the above with Excel files.

Automation leads to transformation
What happened next is why so many customers choose ABC Signup. The online registration management system gave UDMSD registrants the ability to sign up and pay online (taking care of reservations, data entry, and payment processing), allowed for automated communications (e.g., e-mails denoting event confirmations, payment receipts, etc.) and gave administrators the ability to track registrations, pull financial reports and create new events all from a single database-driven platform.

Guy said the whole process immediately became much more efficient, allowing her to reallocate many of the hours she spent processing registrations to other areas.

“ABC has freed me to do a number of things – assisting with the marketing, facilitation, preparation of course materials; logistic planning; maintenance of department financial records; and corresponding with participants and faculty of our CE program, among other duties,” said Guy. “What would take 60 to 70 percent of my day – processing credit cards on a credit card machine and entering names and addresses into Excel – now can be processed through ABC.”

The customer is always right
In part by giving Guy more time to focus on the other aspects of the UDMSD continuing education program, ABC Signup has created a fan and advocate.

“I tell anybody who asks what registration service should they use, ‘ABC,’” said Guy. “I tell them how great it is, and how much we rely on it.

“I almost think I should get a finder’s fee,” laughed Guy. “But, when you like something, you don’t mind spreading the word.”

All of the registration systems I had looked at were either expensive or not user friendly. I knew that ABC Signup was the right choice after a single meeting, when you walked us through the whole system in a half-hour presentation. I'm not the most technology astute, but your product looked simple to use and the price was right." 

Creighton University Dental School