Resources for Online Registration Software and More

Below are some resources we've compiled to make your life a little easier when considering how you want to solve your registration administration and management challenges. Some of the documents require you to complete a simple form that allows us to send you an email should we have additional information.

White Papers

cover_-_white_paper_buy_vs_build_registration_softwareRegistration Management Systems: Buy vs. Build
Naturally, we'd prefer everyone buy our online registration software; realistically, there are plenty ($) of reasons to buy vs. build if you are in the market for a complete system.

cover_-_white_paper_ROI_of_registration_softwareGauging the ROI of a Registration Management System
It's always good business to justify an expense. Customers do most of the leg-work in explaining how an online registration system like ABC Signup delivers a return on investment.

switchingcover-1Switching Registration Software
Most online registration software features similar core functionality, yet switching providers can be a pain in some cases. Here's how we make it easy.


cover_-_buyers_guide_registration_softwareBuyers' Guide: Registration Management Software
Shopping for online registration software requires more clicks than actually using a good registration system. That's because there are dozens of providers that serve several markets and niches and offer a wide range of functionality and pricing. This Buyers' Guide shares our insider's knowledge of the industry to help you navigate your search.

cover_-_5_essential_features_of_registration_software5 Essential Features of Registration Software
To truly add value, registration software must provide a number of essential features – key tools that allow users to create an online platform to market their programs and events, accept and administer registrations and much more.

cover_-_when_to_prescribe_registration_softwareWhen to Prescribe Registration Software
You might be surprised by the variety of programs and events that leverage registration software to make the process more convenient for registrants and more efficient for event administrators. This document takes a look at 16 common uses for registration software.

6bonus_uses_for_regsoftware6 Bonus Uses for Registration Software
Registration software is designed to accomplish a number of tasks related to event and program administration. Users, however, often take the software in their own direction.

Case Studies

10_case_studies_image-1.jpg10 Case Studies from ABC Signup Customers
We know you would rather hear what ABC Signup users have to say, so here you go. 

As far as ease for providers, it has been great! There are only two people in my program and we don’t have time to take registrations over the phone and still get our other work completed. The online registration has worked very well for us, and it is great to have all the information for each registrant. You are able to put whatever information you need on the registration form... I would highly recommend this company." 

Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma